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Here at Ashram Yoga we love celebrating almost as much as we love our students. In our mind there is no better way to give back than to give to the people who support us throughout the year and help make Ashram Yoga Ashram Yoga, YOU! Here are a few little tidbits we dreamt up for you and are excited to share:

Our gift to you! We know the holidays can get busy and stressful with a longer than usual “to do” list. With this in mind, Atma Okan, Director at Ashram Yoga, has recorded a heart focused yoga nidra for you to reset, recharge and relax this holiday season. (This was recorded at Ohui so might even here a few sounds from the natural environment.) Download here and share the easiest form of yoga with family and friends.

Win a WANDERLUST ticket! Join us for our Christmas event of 108 rounds of Surya Namaskara (sun salutes) to mantra and yoga nidra, followed by bliss balls and the WANDERLUST ticket raffle (value $550). No need to complete all rounds, be in the energy and challenge yourself as much or as little as you wish – be there to win! Sunday 14th, 10am – 12.30pm. Investment: your time. Raffle entry: your presence.

Want to give your loved ones the gift of wellbeing? Grab an Ashram Yoga voucher and they can download their own yoga nidras or apply to retreats, courses, classes or anything in our shop. So give the gift of health and wellbeing by sharing the experience of yoga with your loved ones.

We are looking forward to a healthy and prosperous 2015 and hope to share this with you. Check out our event calendar for all the amazing retreats and classes we have in store. There is likely more than one to spark your interest and keep you connected.

Until then, happiest of holidays and have a joyful new year!


Yoga Teacher Training 

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The Level 2 & 3 Intensive yoga teacher training has just finished and it was a fabulous experience of living and learning yoga for teachers and students alike. We wish everyone the best as they take their new skills and knowledge out to the world.


Level 1 Yoga Teacher Training

Become a confident, competent and qualified yoga teacher with our Level 1 yoga teacher training course. Teaching yoga is a lot easier than it seems, especially when you have been well trained. Our task is to make you a good teacher and after teaching this course for many years we have worked out the best way to do that.


Level 1 Part-time Starting in March next year. This course comprises a number of weekend workshops over seven months. It is a lot of fun and often has a big impact in the lives of course participants (see Interviews) and the people they teach.

Level 1 Intensive Starting in February and again in May, this one-month intensive course is designed to immerse you into the world of yoga in an ashram environment. It is challenging but also fun and rewarding.


Graduate Support Programme

Yoga teacher training doesn’t just finish at the end of the course – it is an ongoing process – and we want to help you succeed as a yogi and a yoga teacher. This new programme enables you to continue learning and growing through yoga. Graduate Support gives you the opportunity to repeat courses that you have already taken at Ashram Yoga for no extra charge. Read more


Summer at Ohui Retreat

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Summer Holidays

Join us this summer at our idyllic beachside setting at Ohui Retreat. Not only will you be staying at one of the Coromandel Peninsula’s prime beach locations, you will also have access to a taste of a relaxed yogic lifestyle with plenty of experienced teachers on hand to share yoga knowledge and wisdom with you. Read more


Prana New Year Festival

Join Ashram Yoga at the Prana New Year Festival from 30 December to 3 January. This festival is located on the property next door to our Ohui Retreat. We will be providing yoga classes and workshops. If you don’t want to camp at the festival, then you are welcome to stay with us – either camping on our property or in one of our rooms. We provide yummy food, showers and time out from the festival.

The Prana Festival is always a lot of fun and we certainly look forward to it every year. We hope you can join us. Read more about the festival at or staying at Ashram Yoga during the festival.


Yoga Nidra Teacher Training – Level 2

YN R 380b

Pictured: students at Ohui Retreat ready for a deep Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra is an ancient and powerful practice for self-transformation. On Level 2 learn to:

  • Deepen the practice to address your own inner transformation
  • Develop and apply the concept of sankalpa or right intent
  • Learn to design the practice to suit specific needs, persons or groups
  • Understand how Yoga Nidra is effective and beneficial for all ages, infant, adolescent and adult
  • Read more about this course on 6-7 December


Satsang and Yoga with Shantimurti


Satsang  Thursday 4 December

Join Swami Shantimurti Saraswati for satsang on Thursday 4 December. Satsang is an opportunity to dive into the deeper aspects of yoga and discover the yogic approach to life and happiness. In previous years we held regular satsang at our Parnell studio and it was a great success. We used the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali as a starting point and frequently got sidetracked into a wide range of spiritual and esoteric topics – all depending upon the people in attendance. Join us for an interesting evening. Read more


Yoga Class with Shantimurti  Friday 5 December

Swami Shantimurti genuinely loves teaching yoga. He also loves teaching the more advanced forms of yoga which he cannot present in regular open classes. This class is designed for experienced students (intermediate and advanced) who want more. Read more


WanderLust and Surya Namaskara

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WanderLust Festival 2015

WanderLust is a world-wide yoga festival comprising music, dancing, yoga, workshops and much more. The next WanderLust is at Taupo at the end of January and Ashram Yoga will be participating. Read more about WanderLust. Win a ticket to WanderLust by participating in our Surya Namaskara event.


Sun 380

Surya Namaskara  Sunday 14 December
Surya Namaskara (also known as Salute to the Sun) is an excellent way to develop strength, integration and flow on all levels of your being. It is renowned for being a complete exercise in itself that activates all parts of the body. Join us for 108 rounds practised with mantras and followed by Yoga Nidra guided relaxation, yummy bliss balls and a raffle for a WanderLust ticket worth $550. Read more about the Surya Namaskara event. This event is open to everyone – even if you don’t want to go to WanderLust!


Studio News

Concession Card Competition

Congratulations to Lillian Bogdanovic who is the winner of the November draw. If you want to enter the next draw for a free concession card, just put your completed 8-class yoga concession card or one-month pass in the box at the front desk.



Like Our Facebook Page

Our Facebook page has been steadily growing, but we would like to put some gas on it and get many more people on board. Facebook is a great way for us to let you know what is going on. Please like us.





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Give Back this Christmas

Being a charitable organisation, Ashram Yoga sees the importance and virtue in giving back to those in need. If you would like to spread some prosperity and give a little extra this Christmas please kindly donate any food items/clothing/xmas gifts you think that those in need will enjoy and benefit from. Our charity box is at the Parnell studio and will be delivered to the Auckland City Mission before Christmas Day. Abundance begins from within.



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Cotton Camping/Massage Mats

For a limited time only we have some luxurious cotton camping/massage mats perfect for the summer season and would make an ideal Christmas present. Portable, durable, light and well padded you will feel like your GLAMPING! Normally retails for $150 we are giving you a special price of just $95 each. 2m x 0.9m. 100% Cotton with straps for easy transport. Perfect for your massage studio, home or as a gift – live this summer in style and comfort! Contact Ashram Yoga Parnell to order.


Upcoming at Ohui Retreat 

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Pictured: Guests on Opoutere Beach


Private Birthday Retreats

Spending time with your friends is a whole lot of fun and can create lasting memories. Getting everyone together is a great way to catch up and hang out together – especially when it is an annual event. Read more


Group Stays

From time to time we have groups come and stay with us. We regularly host groups here at Ohui Retreat including groups from nearby towns and others from faraway countries. The variety is wonderful and keeps life here very interesting. Whether you want a full yogic experience or simply beachside accommodation, we are open to all options. Read more

New Book by Swami Shantimurti Saraswati

SM 6 250We are very pleased to announce the publication of a new book by our senior director Swami Shantimurti Saraswati (pictured). It is called Lectures from Yoga Teacher Training and it comprises a series of lectures presented to students on our Level 1 yoga teacher training course in Auckland earlier this year.

The book dives deeply in the esoteric aspects of yoga including energy (prana), energy centres (chakras), breathing techniques (pranayama), mantra, energy channels (nadi), kriya yoga, tantra yoga, yogic philosophy and a whole lot more. If you are keen to know what lies beneath the surface of yoga, then this book is for you. It includes insights and stories that you won’t find anywhere else.

Shantimurti has been practising and teaching yoga since 1976 when he was initiated into sannyasa. He is highly experienced with the inner and outer aspects of yoga and has a gift for sharing his wisdom in an amiable way. Read more about the book.


Video: Yoga Balance

Dylan 380

Dylan Werner sure knows how to balance. Check it out here.


Recipe: Carrot, Mint and Quinoa Salad

Salad 380

.A quick and delicious meal that will satisfy your tummy.

1 cup quinoa
20g fresh mint
2 large carrots
1 white onion
1 avocado
Juice of 1 lime
2 Tsp cumin seeds
Salt and pepper
2 Tbsp olive oil
1 Tsp veg stock


Ashram Yoga eBook

Download Ashram Yoga’s free Introduction to Yoga ebook. Simply subscribe to our newsletter. This ebook introduces a very simple yoga series. These practices include ankle, wrist and hip rotations which are essential for both beginner and advanced yogis. These exercises are so simple that they are easy to overlook, yet their effect is profound.

Shantimurti has many remarkable stories of people who have healed themselves from serious afflictions with these basic exercises.

Introduction to Yoga is the first chapter of a larger, more comprehensive ebook. The larger ebook with additional exercises including breathing techniques (pranayama) and meditation may be purchased here.