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Yogathon National Challenge

Sun 380

On Sunday September 28th a room full of anxious and excited yogi’s gathered at Ashram Yoga Parnell to partake in the two hour practice of 108 rounds of Surya Namaskara. This practice in and of itself has deep spiritual, energetic and physical effects.

The endeavor was the culmination of a week’s long effort at Ashram Yoga to contribute to the Hindu Society’s Yogathon National challenge of 108,000 rounds of Salute to the Sun to be undertaken in New Zealand. We feel that we made a valiant effort and contribution to this tally!

As a whole, participants departed the practice feeling hugely positive and uplifted! Although many were of the belief that they wouldn’t be able to withstand all 108 rounds, predominantly most did! And those who paused, did so very briefly whilst maintaining presence within the group. It was a hugely connective, communal effort that created a deep sense of fufillment and upliftment amongst the group.

We thank you all for your commitment and investment of time! All who partook should be deeply pleased and proud of their achievement.We look forward to making the 108 Club a regular fixture at Ashram Yoga! See photos of the event.


Yoga Teacher Training 500-hour

25 October – 23 November


The Level 2 & 3 Intensive is designed for those looking to immerse themselves into a truly yogic experience at our beautiful Ohui Retreat in the Coromandel. Our highly experienced senior teachers guide you through learning advanced yoga asanas, as well as revisiting familiar postures from the perspective of build up, options, and depth.

On this course we study the chakras deeply as well as the anatomy of the energy body, traditional yogic texts, mudras and bandhas. You also learn how to teach Yoga Nidra. Each day is structured to support your full immersion in ashram living to get the full yogic experience. This includes thoughtful and delicious vegetarian meals, a balance of physical and mental activities, and the opportunity to enjoy the natural beauty of coastal New Zealand. Read more


“Do it! It will rock your socks in all the right ways… totally transformational” – past participant


Yoga with Shantimurti


Last month Shantimurti taught a class at our Parnell studio and we saw some faces that we haven’t seen for years. It was wonderful to reconnect and overall it was a very enjoyable experience. Shantimurti got a lot of requests for more classes so now he will be teaching monthly at our Parnell studio.

The first class will be on Friday 17 October from 6am to 8am. Please note that these classes are for experienced yoga practitioners only (intermediate and advanced). Please book in advance by emailing or calling the Parnell studio. Normal class prices apply.


Satsang: Wheel of Life and Death


Join Swami Shantimurti Saraswati for satsang on the Wheel of Life and Death – a discussion on life, death, dying and rebirth. Traditional yogis believe that your soul reincarnates life after life and that your actions performed in previous lives influence your current life. The yogis also have a lot to say about the process of dying and the best way to go about it. Read more


Pelvic Energy

screen shot 2011-03-28 at 12.34.52 pmIn the ancient tradition of yoga, a lot of attention is given to chakras which are subtle energy centres in the body. They are responsible for maintaining healthy energy in both your mind and body. Yogic postures automatically activate the chakras, but special practices can be used to accelerate results.

A lot of people benefit from working on swadhisthana chakra which is located at the tip of the tailbone and maintains the flow of energy in the reproductive organs, the urinary system, sexual desire and the unconscious mind. It also relates to taste and many addictions. If you want to improve any of these areas in your life, then working on this chakra will help you get there.

Chakras provide a deep understanding of the mind-body connection. Intuitively, you may sense that something is off in your throat or heart or belly or even in your thoughts and emotions. But what can you do about it? Western medicine is great for many things, but activating your chakras is not one of them. Targeted yoga postures, breathing techniques and meditation can enliven any part of your body and restore health and vitality.

Chakras are an essential part of the the Ashram Yoga philosophy and are covered extensively in Level 2 & 3 yoga teacher training. Alternatively, you can get personal guidance from our senior director Swami Shantimurti Saraswati who has spent his life studying the chakras.


Studio News

Mat 300b

The prize: a Lululemon yoga mat and strap


Concession Card Competition

Congratulations to Rosie Paine who is the winner of the September draw. The prize for the October draw is a Lululemon yoga mat and strap. If you want to enter, just put your completed 8-class yoga concession card or one-month pass in the box at the front desk.


Ohui Retreat: Volunteers Wanted

We are looking for volunteers who wish to experience the yogic lifestyle at our beautiful Ohui Retreat in exchange for work on the property. We would love to hear from you. Any skills in building, painting, chainsawing are a plus! One month minimum stay required. Start ASAP. Please email us or call us on +64 (0)7 865 8451.



Like Our Facebook Page

Our Facebook page has been steadily growing, but we would like to put some gas on it and get many more people on board. Facebook is a great way for us to let you know what is going on. Please like us.




Yoga Teacher Training

Become a confident, competent and qualified yoga teacher with our yoga teacher training courses. Teaching yoga is a lot easier than it seems, especially when you have been well trained.


Graduate Support Programme

Yoga teacher training doesn’t just finish at the end of the course – it is an ongoing process – and we want to help you succeed as a yogi and a yoga teacher. This programme enables you to continue learning and growing through yoga.

Graduate Support gives you the opportunity to repeat courses that you have already taken at Ashram Yoga for no extra charge. This allows you to increase your knowledge and experience and go deeper into the course material. Sometimes when everything is new it can be a bit overwhelming, but Graduate Support is your chance to revisit, re-exeperience and re-learn. Read more


play yoga 1s

PLAY Yoga Teacher Training  18-19 October

This course will provide a platform for you to learn how to teach yoga to children 5-11 years old, in a creative, open & imaginative manner. We will look at ways to design a Yoga ‘adventure’ class as well as areas of development & understanding. Read more


Upcoming at Ohui Retreat 



Yoga Revival Retreat  18-19 October

Join us in Ohui for a weekend of yoga to rest, recharge and rejuvenate. The weekend will include:

  • Yoga classes
  • Guided relaxation (Yoga Nidra)
  • Yoga philosophy
  • Yoga of sound (Nada Yoga)
  • Chanting and singing (Kirtan)
  • Meditation
  • Plenty of free time
  • Read more


Private Birthday Retreats

Spending time with your friends is a whole lot of fun and can create lasting memories. Getting everyone together is a great way to catch up and hang out together – especially when it is an annual event. Read more


Group Stays

From time to time we have groups come and stay with us. We regularly host groups here at Ohui Retreat including groups from nearby towns and others from faraway countries. The variety is wonderful and keeps life here very interesting. Whether you want a full yogic experience or simply beachside accommodation, we are open to all options. Read more

Upcoming at the Parnell Studio


Natal Yoga Course 15 October

Join Roselle for this 8-week course specifically for pregnant women. This course focuses on asanas, pranayama and meditation to make your journey through pregnancy smoother physically and emotionally. The course includes postures beneficial for the physical changes experienced by every pregnant woman. All postures included in this specialised prenatal yoga course are suitable for women from conception to birth. Read more


Mums and Bubs Yoga 17 October

Join Nikki Fitzgerald for a six-week course of yoga specifically for mums and babies. Strengthen your pelvic floor and abdominal muscles, relax, revitalise and join others who are sharing the same experiences. Read more


Kirtan  30 October

Kirtan is a call-and-response style of chanting that is great fun and accessible for everyone. We are now having kirtan on Thursday nights once a month. Read more


Yoga for Beginners Course  3 November

Starting simply and progressively building upon what you have learned in previous weeks, by the completion of the 8 weeks you will have a holistic experience and understanding of yoga. Easy for you to take away and use at home as well. Read more


Movie Night   6 November
Join us for a range of entertaining movies and interesting documentaries. To be held on the first Thursday of the month. Last month was a lot of fun. Guaranteed to be good this month too. Read more


Workshop: Mind, Body and Spirit

Opie 380

A one day introduction to Vibrational Medicine on 11 October. Do you want to understand how the mind affects health and wellbeing? This informative, interactive and fun one day course brings together modern and ancient understandings about the human body, mind and energy to demonstrate how the mind and emotions directly affect the physical health. Learn how to use Vibrational Medicine as a tool for attaining balance and well-being. Read more


Workshop: The Demartini Method

APS 150Andrew Sanderson is Ashram Yoga’s web administrator. He spends his time at Ashram Yoga fixing the computers, writing newsletters, avoiding yoga classes, and defending Vedanta. He will be teaching the Demartini Method in an upcoming workshop. Here is an excerpt from his article about the Demartini Method:

“The biggest burden that most people carry is where you think you made a mistake. Perhaps you cheated or stole or lied or missed an opportunity or had an abortion or killed someone. Whatever it is, the antidote is always the same: find and apply the balancing opposite. And that is what the Demartini Method does. I have seen this work many times and when people “get it” they usually fall into a stunned silence as the emotional charges from the past are erased and the cogs in their brain adjust to a new level of perception.” Read more

New Book by Swami Shantimurti Saraswati

SM 6 250We are very pleased to announce the publication of a new book by our senior director Swami Shantimurti Saraswati (pictured). It is called Lectures from Yoga Teacher Training and it comprises a series of lectures presented to students on our Level 1 yoga teacher training course in Auckland earlier this year.

The book dives deeply in the esoteric aspects of yoga including energy (prana), energy centres (chakras), breathing techniques (pranayama), mantra, energy channels (nadi), kriya yoga, tantra yoga, yogic philosophy and a whole lot more. If you are keen to know what lies beneath the surface of yoga, then this book is for you. It includes insights and stories that you won’t find anywhere else.

Shantimurti has been practising and teaching yoga since 1976 when he was initiated into sannyasa by his guru Swami Satyananda Saraswati. He is highly experienced with the inner and outer aspects of yoga and has a gift for sharing his wisdom in an amiable way. Read more about the book.


Video: 90 Degree Push Ups

Push 380

Ever heard of 90 degree push ups? No? Watch this kid and be amazed.


Recipe: Bircher Muesli


Due to popular demand here is Tara’s recipe for Bircher Muesli. She makes it for our teacher training weekends and it goes down a treat.

3 cups Wholegrain rolled oats
1/2 cup Almonds
1/2 cup Chopped dates
1/2 cup Chopped dried apricots

1/3 cup Orange juice
1/3 cup Almond or coconut milk
1/3 cup Water

Actual measurements are not so important – it is all to taste. You can add things like cardamom, cinnamon, nutmeg, etc. Mix all together in a big bowl and then let it soak for a few hours or even over night.



Ashram Yoga eBook

Download Ashram Yoga’s free Introduction to Yoga ebook. Simply subscribe to our newsletter. This ebook introduces the very simple Pawanmuktasana Part 1 series. These practices include ankle, wrist and hip rotations which are essential for both beginner and advanced yogis. These exercises are so simple that they are easy to overlook, yet their effect is profound.

Shantimurti has many remarkable stories of people who have healed themselves from serious afflictions with these basic exercises.

Introduction to Yoga is the first chapter of a larger, more comprehensive ebook. The larger ebook with additional exercises including breathing techniques (pranayama) and meditation may be purchased here.