Beginner Course

Explore Yoga

The 8-week Explore Yoga courses are an opportunity to become familiar with the postures and practices of yoga in a supported and encouraging environment.

The focus changes weekly with a different set of postures, allowing you to experience and learn specifically about their alignment and benefits. Each 90 minute session is comprised of a balanced blend of yoga postures, pranayama (breathing technique) and/or short relaxation or meditation to create a complete yoga experience.

Starting simply and progressively building upon what you have learned in previous weeks, by the completion of the 8 weeks you have a holistic experience and understanding of yoga. Easy for you to take away and use at home as well.

This beginner course is ideal for those completely new to or returning to yoga, those rehabilitating from injury or illness or those wanting to deepen their knowledge and understanding on the fundamentals of yoga. This course is also suitable for post-natal practice.


Dates and Times for 2016


Term 1.………………..14 March – 16 May 2016.  No classes on 28 March or 25 April.

Term 2…………………30 May – 25 July.  No class on 6 June.

Term 3…………………8 August – 26 September.

Term 4…………………10 October – 5 December.  No class on 24 October.


Length………………….8 classes


Time……………………..7.00pm – 8.30pm





Attending the 8-week introduction to yoga was such a good experience that I ended up repeating it 4 times! The course is brilliantly organised — each lesson is perfectly structured around one or two concepts and the course as a whole provides an opportunity to gradually take more information on board and understand not only the postures and breathing techniques but the experience of yoga as a whole.

I found that by repeating the course I could really enjoy the postures that were foreign at the beginning but became more and more familiar with time. At the core of this great course is lovely Gemma, the perfect yoga teacher. With her guidance, great knowledge and the combination of energetic and calm manner, it is possible to challenge the body to greater flexibility and strength, while accepting your own limits. – Dorit


Gemma was a wonderful teacher. She always greeted me by my name and said goodbyes individually too. She took the time to explain the poses and their effects; help anyone that was having difficulty and modify poses for injuries.

I came into the course with an old back injury (prolapsed disc L4/L5) that has flared up thrice now. This was my first yoga course ever and now I can proudly say that my flexibility and energy levels are up and I have more confidence in my own body. Many thanks to Gemma for all her help! I will surely be returning to the open class.

I enjoyed the mix of yoga, pranayama, meditation and relaxation. I have not come across another yoga studio that advocates yoga as a lifestyle rather than a fashion fad! Well done to the whole team at Ashram Yoga. – Meg


About Explore Yoga

This course is designed for those who have little or no experience in yoga.  The classes are not difficult and they are suitable for everyone. If you have an old injury, or are pregnant, please tell the instructor who will adapt the postures to suit your needs.

We intend to show you how simple and beneficial yoga is. Even a little bit of yoga can go a long way to help you be more healthy and relaxed! It is not necessary to be flexible or fit or young to benefit from yoga. Yoga has something for everyone and our task is to give you the tools to make your life better.

We do not ask you to adopt any beliefs or attitudes. Yoga is not a religion, it is a series of physical and mental practices that have been tested by time and modern science to produce health, relaxation and vitality.

Our beginners classes include postures (asanas), breathing (pranayama), guided relaxation (yoga nidra) and meditation.

Our classes are 1.5 hours long and all aspects are optional. Wear loose comfortable clothing – or you can change when you get here.  We provide yoga mats, blankets, cushions and anything else that may be used in the class.


Asanas (Postures)

Yoga postures release a lot of tension and tightness in the physical body and release energetic blockages. This is why we can feel so great after doing postures. Additionally, they are very strengthening and are hugely positive for all body systems, i.e. circulatory, endocrine, musculatory, immune, digestive, etc.




Pranayama (Breathing)

We teach simple through to extended breathing and pranayama techniques which:

  • purify lungs and increase lung vital capacity
  • balance brain functioning, calm the mind and emotions
  • enhance brain neurotransmitters and help to balance dopamine and serotonin.
  • create transition from beta to alpha brain wave patterns which leads to internalizing the awareness for relaxation or meditation practices.
  • harmonise and energise your pranic (energy) body


Yoga Nidra (Guided Relaxation)

Yoga Nidra is a yogic deep relaxation technique. At the end of classes we often use a shortened format of this technique (10 – 15 mins). Yoga nidra systematically induces complete physical, mental and emotional relaxation.

Beginners are often surprised at how effortlessly they can settle down with yoga nidra. People frequently say that they never knew that it was so easy to relax. This is because yoga nidra is specifically designed to settle the restless mind. Basic skills like this are essential in the modern world – they are a great antidote to anxiety and insomnia.


Meditation Practice

Like yoga nidra, a meditation technique is often used to finish the class. These are simple concentration techniques to help focus the mind and delve into our inner nature. Meditation trains the mind to become strong, aware and gain well needed REST!  In our beginners classes we ensure that all practices are simple and easy – don’t worry about not being able to meditate – everyone can!