Private Class

Getting the right practices for you is the fastest way to getting the results you want. Personal instruction is available from Swami Shantimurti Saraswati who has over 35 years experience teaching and practicing yoga and meditation. Private classes with any Ashram Yoga teacher are also available by appointment.

Private classes are suitable for small groups, specific needs and times, yoga therapy, deeper esoteric techniques, meditation and more. Swami Shantimurti is also available to speak at any function or event.

Private classes for individuals begin at $80/class at Ashram Yoga, or $100/class at your home or office.

Workplace Yoga

You know how yoga makes you feel after a busy day? Now imagine that feeling throughout your day! Ashram Yoga is available to provide classes in your workplace. We can tailor classes to your specific needs and lunch/work schedule. Leaving employees feeling invigorated relaxed and revived, to carry on more efficiently, with their day.Please contact us if you think that your staff could benefit from the many benefits of yoga!


“I think it’s great that we have yoga sessions at our workplace. Self-care is equally important among other things that we do, if not more in our lives.” – Dr Man, Problem Gambling Foundation


Yoga Therapy

Yoga has a long and proven history of healing a wide variety of ailments on all levels: physical, mental and emotional. Many different types of disease or disharmony can be helped with a targeted yoga practice – breathing difficulties, heart or back problems, ulcers, nervous disorders, depression, trauma. The correct practices are available for each person.

General yoga classes are very therapeutic and bring health and vitality to many people. However, there are some situations in which personal guidance and special techniques are required. This is particularly true in the case of illness and injury.

At Ashram Yoga we have seen many cases of improved health as a result of yoga therapy. A few simple practices done everyday can make a tremendous difference in your body and its ability to heal.