Introduction to Reflexology Weekend

27-28 February 2016

A rewarding weekend to effectively learn a new skill to help friends and family be in good health – naturally how it should be. Reflexology is also a beautiful soothing, pampering treatment guaranteed to relax, both physically and energetically.

The weekend workshop is designed to give you a good understanding of the why, how and what reflexology is. You will learn correct techniques, how to relax the foot, how to massage and we focus on the spine and digestive system reflexes in detail and how keep our spine and digestive system healthy. At the end of the weekend you will feel confident to offer a reflexology treatment to friends and family, to set up and give a treatment and massage.

Because hands are much more accessible than feet and there are also reflexes on hands that match every organ, gland and part of body (just like the feet) we learn how to give a hand reflexology as well. This is ideal for giving ourselves a daily hand reflexology treatment to keep us well.

During the weekend you will be constantly having a technique demonstrated and then you practise – it is giving and receiving treatments all weekend. Blissful!

If you have had an exhausting week, this is the weekend retreat for you. By the end of the weekend all your stress will have vanished. You will be feeling amazing.