Silent Meditation Retreat

Spend some time with yourself

Three-day and five-day meditation retreats designed to allow you to explore your inner experience. Full daily programme with guided yoga including postures (asana), breath work (pranayama) and extended sessions of meditation. Plus an evening session for questions and discussion.

We ask participants to maintain silence throughout the course to encourage inner reflection, and to recognise and release habits and emotions that come from talking. By the end of the course, many participants report finding the silence rewarding, insightful and relaxing.


About the Course


This is a structured course conducted in silence that starts early each morning. Participants should come prepared for a lot of silent seated meditation, yoga postures and freedom from talking. To get the most from this course we ask participants to stay with the course timetable.

Previous experience with meditation or yoga is an advantage, but is not essential. We will give you full instruction in meditation, yoga and any other techniques that we may practise. Support is available from the instructors at anytime.



Three-Day or Five-Day Retreat

While most of our Silent Meditation Retreats are three days long, from time to time we run five-day retreats. Five-day retreats are designed for those ready to go even deeper into silence. Often people get to the end of our three-day silent retreat and feel they have only scratched the surface of self discovery and could just keep going.

The five-day retreat is similar in content and structure to the three-day retreat. However, on the five-day retreat adherence to the schedule is stricter. Also, the food is more simple and less spicy because according to the yogis a busy digestion causes a busy mind.




“The beauty of the silent mediation retreat at Ohui is that it combines Raja Yoga style mediation practices with asana classes, pranayama, yogic relaxation and kirtan, to create a holistic experience that works with body, mind and the subtler energies.

“Ashram Yoga creates a space within which the practices can truly be experienced and offer guidance according to your needs. This combined with wonderful vegetarian food and a location beside the beautifully secluded white sandy beach of Opoutere, make this retreat a refreshing respite from the challenges of daily life in a manageable 3-day time frame.”

Joshua Hyland


“Cannot thank you enough for such an amazing weekend. An awesome group to share the experience with. I loved the fact that although I was a beginner both of you, and others in the group, were so supportive…. all I can say I feel so peaceful at the end of this three day journey. Thanks for making this so enjoyable.



Beyond Words: A Silent Retreat Experience

By Anna at

Sometimes to understand the beginning one must start from the end: 8 shining souls seated in the almost spring sunshine, radiating the kind of success that only comes from the deep exploration of ones inner reality.

3 days of early rising to the wood fire smoke mingling in the early morning air have led us to this moment, seated in front three of the most genuine and giving people I have had the joy of sharing a space with. Read more



Cost……………………..Three-day retreat………….By donation

………………..…………..Five-day retreat……….…..$550 (not by donation) There is a $100 discount for those who have already done a 3-day Silent Meditation Retreat.

Due to past experience of people booking and then not attending, we ask for a non-refundable deposit to secure your place; $50 for the 3-day retreat and $100 for the 5-day retreat.


Time…………………….3-day retreat: Thursday 8pm – Sunday 4pm

………………………….…5-day retreat: Thursday 8pm – Tuesday 4pm


Dates in 2016:

  • Thursday 23-28 June  5-day retreat * Fully Booked *
  • Thursday 28-31 July   3-day retreat * Fully Booked *
  • Thursday 25-28 August  3-day retreat
  • Thursday 22-25 September  3-day retreat
  • Thursday 13-16 October  3-day retreat


Registration………….Bookings are essential. For more information about the retreat and to register please click here.


To save costs to us and the planet we encourage carpooling. Please enquire if interested in receiving or giving a lift.

We ask those participating to stay for the full duration of the retreat.