Yogic Sexuality and You



Learn to apply yoga to your sexuality. Join us for a one-day course at Ohui Retreat on yogic sexuality to enhance sex, sexual energy and sexuality. In this course we will cover a variety of techniques including specialised breathing, bandhas (energy locks), a few useful postures and a specific type of massage. These are important practices for stimulating, increasing, raising and directing the sexual energy.


The Philosophy of Tantra

The whole philosophy of tantra is based on the liberation of energy and expansion of consciousness which accompanies it. The yoga sciences provide the techniques which bring this about. One of the most profound self-empowering ways to liberate our energy and expand our awareness is by using the yogic sexuality system, known as Maithuna.

The energy built up within oneself and with a partner is very powerful. It stimulates another energy in the practitioner; the creative force of kundalini.

As well, a deep intimacy and strong mental-psychic bond develops between two people who practice yogic sexuality together. This completely changes the dynamics of a relationship.


About Partnering

This course is for singles and couples. However, it includes some paired work. If you are single then either bring a friend along to work with or we will partner you up with someone. There is no nudity in this course and all parts of this course are optional.


Course Details

Date………………..14 – 15 June

Time………….……..9.30am Saturday to 10.30am Sunday

Location……………Ashram Yoga Ohui Retreat

Instructor…..……..Swami Shantimurti Saraswati

Cost………….….…..$230 per person or $400 per couple



You are welcome to arrive on Friday afternoon/evening ( $50) or extend your stay.

Spaces are limited. Booking essential.


Interview with Shantimurti

The workshop will be lead by Swami Shantimurti Saraswati. We talked with him about it:


Is prior experience required?

A little bit of yogic knowledge is helpful, but not essential. This course is really taken from a beginning level because most people won’t have applied yoga to their sexuality.

That’s what it is all about – applying yoga technique to sexuality. And also experiencing and investigating the Maithuna ritual and its various steps.


Do you have to be in a relationship?

No. You can be single, but you will have to work with somebody. There doesn’t have to be physical contact, but you will be working with someone with breathing practices. And the closer the people are to it the better it is.


Is this course more for men or women?

This course is about sexual technique and sexuality in general. The girls get as much, if not more, out it than the guys do. The guys learn self-control. The girls learn to express themselves and actually lead sexual situations rather than be dominated.


What would you say to people with a lot of baggage around sexuality?

There are some techniques for releasing past sexual conditioning, but the main focus of this course is practices based in the present. We are learning to move in a new direction and develop a more empowered attitude towards sex and sexual energy.

The thing about yogic sexuality is that it is therapeutic. The past does come up and it gets resolved as you move into it with your partner – and this process happens consciously. We don’t go looking for old wounds, but if they do come up then there are ways to manage it.


What is the high side of yogic sexuality?

It raises sexuality to a whole new level. It gives skills and techniques that allow it to rise from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

The high side of yogic sexuality is that you gain mastery over your sexuality. You have the potential to be in control of it – whether you are having it or not – it doesn’t make any difference.

If you are single then you are not constantly on the go for it. You become more selective in the way that you expressed yourself in that area. In a partnership it could be very exciting bringing a whole new element to your sexuality and elevating it out of the mundane.


What do you mean by mundane?

Many women I talk to often say how boring their sex life is. They say there is a lack of quality. I can assure you it doesn’t have to be like that at all.


What if a woman is married to a guy who is really not interested in this?

She can learn techniques for herself. We also cover techniques that you can do on your own. She can bring her own sexual energy up so when she is with him she can introduce him to stuff without him even really knowing. This makes it more exciting for her which in turn should make it more exciting for him.