Satsang with Prem Prayojan


About Prem Prayojan

Prem Prayojan is teacher who travels the world sharing his insights on yogic spirituality. Due to high demand, he has circled the planet over 23 times on his intensive international seminar tours.

He comes from the tradition of Bhakti Yoga – the yoga of devotion – and has a profound knowledge of the ancient yogic texts. He currently serves as the Director of Education at the acclaimed Sri Gaura Narayana Sanskrit College, Vrndavan, India.

Born in the UK in 1969, Prem has over twenty-five years experience in talking with groups and sharing his gift for knowledge. He has visited Ashram Yoga on previous occasions and shared his extraordinary insights into the Yoga Sutras.

Our senior instructor, Swami Shantimurti Saraswati, gives him his full endorsement.