Chuluaqui Quodoushka and Our Internal Ecology

koruChuluaqui (shoe – la – kway): pure white light orgastic energy is the fuel for our internal world. No exceptions. Chuluaqui is prana, chi, ki, the life force and the source of all aliveness. Quodoushka (kwa – dosh – ka) is two energies merging creating more than the sum of the individual parts.

What is our internal ecology? It is the instrument of Chuluaqui — the body, the senses, the mind, the intellect, the emotions, the actions. This is the instrument gifted to each us by Great Spirit’s Grand Design. It is given to fully actualize each individual role of each cell of the body of Great Spirit.

Your internal ecology is composed of the elements of the cosmic nature. At the source everything is the same. Every form is configured differently from the same energy, Chuluaqui. Everything is from one nucleus and each creation is a matrix of energy.

Chuluaqui connects us all through the source of Oneness. Chuluaqui is a constant reminder via our internal ecology that we are not just a bunch of individuals living on this planet by coincidence.

How is your internal ecology? How are you accessing your infinite cosmic nature and resource circles? Are you gaining energy fueled by your passion each day? How do you approach your day? How do you utilize your orgasm to connect and experience the power of your internal ecology?

Fire is the element within, expressed through your lust and passion for what you care about. Fire awakened humanity’s consciousness millions of years ago. When man discovered fire, his awareness to a quantum leap.

When you stoke and feed your fire and express your passion in the world you are making a quantum leap. You are not here by accident. You are always fulfilling your role, your purpose, your destiny in every moment. How are you being right now?

Chuluaqui Quodoushka: Spiritual Sexuality is a three and a half day residential retreat for singles and couples, 24-27 October at Ashram Yoga Ohui Retreat. Originally taught to young people before, during and after puberty rites of passage, it is a wonderful experience creating a new expanded context for the purpose of sexual energy and intimate relating.


Course Details

Instructor:………………………Mukee Okan and Chuluaqui Quodoushka facilitator

Date:……………………………..24-27 October 2013

Location:………………………..Ohui Retreat

Registration and costs:……


Spiritual Sexuality Evening

Mukee is also conducting a Spiritual Sexuality Evening at Ashram Yoga in Parnell. All welcome.

Read more about Mukee’s work. Here is a link to her previous workshop at Ashram Yoga in 2011.


About Mukee


Mukee is inspired by the Grandmother Matriarchs who say the role of every woman is to birth the God in every man, she loves to share what works. Currently based in Arizona, she is a Quodoushka teacher, international sexuality educator and mentor. Her foundation is in the essence of Tantra, since 1984.

Mukee is also a surrogate partner therapist in the western medical model. Mukee is dedicated to the production of peace through healing the root chakra of humanity, honoring the Divine Design embodying Oneness. Why? To contribute to a future where humanity is balanced in a fundamental way, being at peace with the power of Sex.

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