Yoga Revival Weekend

A Relaxing, Refreshing Weekend

Join us in Ohui for a weekend of yoga to rest, recharge and rejuvenate. Come and enjoy our beachside retreat where we provide you with healthy vegetarian food, accommodation and a weekend filled with yogic treats including:

  • Morning yoga class
  • Guided relaxation (Yoga Nidra)
  • Yoga philosophy
  • Restorative yoga class
  • Yoga of sound (Nada Yoga)
  • Chanting and singing (Kirtan)
  • Meditation
  • And free time to enjoy the surroundings or take in a treatment of reflexology, massage or reiki.


All classes are optional. If you’d rather take a walk instead – then you are most welcome to.


Guest feedback

Liam Davidson participated in last month’s Yoga Revival Weekend. He says, “I thought it was brilliant. Absolutely brilliant.”
Liam enjoyed the discussion on yoga philosophy, the yoga classes and trying practices that were new to him like Trataka (focussing on a flame) and Nada Yoga (the yoga of sound).  He felt that he had been introduced to the wider aspects of yoga and went home feeling stimulated by the whole weekend.
He loved the food, the relaxed atmosphere and spending time chatting with others on the course.
“I am full of the most amazing praise for the whole thing.”
Liam has already booked in for the next Yoga Revival Weekend.

“I thought it was brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. I am full of the most amazing praise for the whole thing.”



The retreat was great. Good combination of relaxation and activity with flexibility built in for the needs of individuals and the group as a whole.



I would have no hesitation recommending it to anyone that I knew was interested in yoga and yoga philosophy.



It fulfilled me unexpectedly in many ways. I achieved some healing, some learning and most of all, evolving.



It was a great experience and great value for money.”



“It was relaxing, friendly and welcoming. I wanted a place to be able to think, be silent but also to enjoy some yoga experience. I would recommend it to someone who enjoys doing yoga and who needs to get away from it all to get some head space.



Media Review

The Yoga Lunchbox – an online yoga magazine – sent a reviewer to one of our Revival Weekends. Her article is here.



Dates for 2016

  • Saturday 17-19 June  * Fully Booked *
  • Saturday 19-21 August



Cost……………………..$250….10am Saturday – 3pm Sunday

…………………………….$280…..6pm Friday – 3pm Sunday

Therapy………………..Therapeutic treatments are available at extra cost.

Transport……………..We encourage car-pooling. Please contact us if you would like to participate in this.

Registration………….Bookings are essential. To register and find out more information about this course, please continue reading.

* Please book early. These courses are often booked out well in advance.