Surya Namaskara: Salute to the Sun

Salute to the Sun is considered to be almost a complete practice in itself containing asana, pranayama and meditation techniques within the main structures of the practice.

Its versatility and application make it one of the most useful methods to induce a vigorous and active life and at the same time expand the awareness.

This dynamic series of postures loosen up all the muscles and joints of the body, as well as massaging all the internal organs. It restores lost vitality, both physically and mentally, by removing blockages to the flow of prana and harmonizing all the systems of the body.

Each posture is related to a specific energy system or centre within the body, esoterically known as a chakra. Each chakra has a corresponding mantra or primal sound which activates it and both harmonises and deepens the practice.

The Surya Namaskara album contains tracks with these mantras. This is a great way to enhance your practice. The two tracks on this album lead you through the Dancing Style of Surya Namaskara for 12 and 27 rounds. The mantras are chanted at a slow pace in the beginning and as the practice moves into the bija mantras, the speed increases.

As your practice develops you can mentally repeat the mantras for a strong effect.

The voices on this album are Atma Okan and Lon Gibbons.

Track 1 – 1:35min
Track 2 – 15:13min – 12 rounds
Track 3 – 38:36min – 27 rounds



NB: If you are pregnant or have any injuries, please get advice froma qualified yoga instructor or your doctor before you attempt this at home.