Swadhisthana Chakra
Swadhisthana Chakra – the second major energy centre in the body – is a gluepot according to Shantimurti. Its nature is sticky. Like all the chakras there is high side and a low side.


The high side and the low side

altThe high functioning aspect of Swadhisthana is the ability to enjoy, and the low side of this chakra is suicidal depression and heavy emotional conditions. While Muladhara is totally unconscious, Swadhisthana has more awareness.

Swadhisthana strongly relates to “I, me, mine” hence it is about our personal needs. The low functioning of this chakra leads to needy, selfish, self-gratifying consumption at other people’s expense.

Swadhisthana also governs how we relate to other people – particularly our attempts to fulfil our needs. When we operate at this level we have a tendency to objectify others – others are only there for our enjoyment. It is a kind of needs-driven consumption. Swadhisthana can also make us feel like an outsider.

Out of all the chakras Swadhisthana is the enjoyment chakra. As we awaken Swadhisthana we begin to enjoy and as we begin to enjoy we begin to move out of it.


Swadhisthana and sexuality

Swadhisthana governs sex, sexuality and the genitals. One of the best ways to move through sexual matters is to incorporate intelligent yogic practices with sexuality and sexual activity. That is to say, approach these matters consciously. Bringing yoga into our sexual activity will only enhance it. It brings out the joy aspect – intense joy.

The way out of Swadhisthana is through Swadhisthana. That is to say, by applying ourselves consciously to this area we gain awareness, empowerment and freedom. It is better to work with Swadhisthana energy than try to avoid or suppress it.

Yoga and Tantra are particularly helpful in this area because they give us tools to manage our impulses and improve the quality of our sexual energy. Increasing the energy alone will just increase the amount of Swadhisthana in our lives – for good or bad – and so it is necessary to refine the energy as well.

Tantra Yoga has a lot to offer in the realm of sexual development. Tantra has techniques for every level of perception and sexuality is a relatively small aspect of its domain.


What yogic techniques are recommended for Swadhisthana?

Swadhisthana is located around the tailbone area so any asanas that activate this area will be beneficial.

  • Forward bend (Paschimottanasana) directly activates Swadhisthana
  • Head to knee pose (Janu Sirshasana)
  • Camel pose (Ushtrasana)
  • Sleeping thunderbolt pose (Supta Vajrasana)

Mudras are very important: Vajroli Mudra which is the contraction of the urinal tract in men and Sahajoli Mudra which is the contraction of the clitorial area and urinal tract in women. These mudras directly activate Swadhisthana.

These exercises will bring the Swadhisthana energy up. Since Swadhisthana is the domain of the unconscious mind – purification of this chakra will bring up issues for resolution.

There are plenty of other techniques for moving sexual energy within us. This energy can be identified by the Swadhisthana flavour of “I, me and mine” – “I want to enjoy myself’ and “I want to express myself in this way.”

Self-expression is sometimes attributed Anahata (heart) chakra, but if there is an ego component to the desire (ie some kind of personal need), then its source is most likely Swadhisthana.


If a person has really amazing Swadhisthana energy, what are they like?

A person with a lot of Swadhisthana energy has a lot of joy in their life. They are still in the area of “I, me, mine” but there is joy and a level of contentment.

When a person starts to enjoy things, contentment starts to come in. This is a way for transcending the whole Swadhisthana area and getting on top of it and moving on to Manipura.

A person who has amazing Swadhisthana energy is very attractive. It doesn’t matter what they look like, they are just very attractive. And people are attracted to them in a sexual way.

Shantimurti explains that some salespeople, as an example, may be very good at their work because of high sexual/Swadhisthana energy. They are attractive, energetic, and understand the needs of others. They understand the need to care for others to get what they want.


What about seduction?

Swadhisthana and seduction are definitely related. When a person’s Swadhisthana energy is active, they get a particular look in their eyes – a sleazy, glinty, smiley, snake-like look – and they enjoy it too!


What is the difference between male and female Swadhisthana?

In both men and women Swadhisthana covers the same issues, but the approach is entirely different. Women are more emotionally based and men are more intellectually based.

Swadhisthana for men is a real hurdle, but once they get through it any other hurdle is relatively easy. Women are generally more capable of managing Swadhisthana than men.

For women Swadhisthana acts in conjunction with Manipura and Anahata chakras – the higher chakras mitigate the intensity of the Swadhisthana impulses. However, while there is a tendency for men get stuck in Swadhisthana, the tendency for women is to get stuck in Anahata.


Swadhisthana for mature people

Sexuality and sexual energy is available to anyone with a Swadhisthana chakra – ie everyone. Playing with and enjoying sexual energy does not depend on our age, or whether we are in a relationship or not. Age and the condition of the body are not barriers to the development of Swadhisthana and sexual energy.


Does the contraceptive pill have an effect on Swadhisthana?

The pill enables a woman to do whatever she wants on a sexual level without necessarily developing awareness of what she is doing. But it also gives her the opportunity to practice Tantra and yogic sexuality as well. So there are advantages and disadvantages.

Shantimurti describes the yogic method of natural contraception which involves Sahajoli Mudra and amaroli plus advanced techniques.


What can we do if we are in a relationship with someone who is challenged by Swadhisthana/sexual energy?

There are many options available for transforming negative Swadhisthana energy, including leaving the relationship.

We can definitely influence another’s Swadhisthana chakra by working on our own Swadhisthana chakra. The more conscious we become in this area, and the more capable we become of enjoying our own sexual energy, then the less affected we will be by others.

When we are caught up in “I, me, mine”, it is difficult to relate well with other people. When we have more conscious Swadhisthana energy, its still personal but there is more awareness of the needs of others. By working with the energy we learn to take control of our own needs and are less dependent on gratification from others.


Shantimurti has been learning, practising and teaching Tantric techniques for 35 years. He is available for private consultations.

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