Dee as Ashram Yoga Lululemon Ambassador

Being from Canada Lululemon Althetica is a clothing brand that I have been familiar with since my university days. In fact the brand was launched in Vancouver just shortly after I moved there for University. Known for quality Yoga and athletic gear, over the past 15 years I have watched as the chain catapulted from a Canadian home grown company onto the international market now present in 9 countries globally.  A vibrant organization, staffed by positive people who are committed to good health, exercise and creating positive change in community, I was pleased when the Lulu ladies began attending classes at Ashram Yoga and acknowledging the differences of what our studio had to offer. I was thrilled to be asked to teach classes on their Wednesday night time slot. These classes are offered after store hours and complimentary to all those who attend. An amazing transition occurs as the store becomes studio and as many mats and people as possible are packed in for the experience. On one such evening, we hit the Britomart record of around 70 people in one class!

After a month of showcasing the variety of Yogic treats on offer at Ashram Yoga, from postures to prananyama, meditation to Yoga Nidra, I was honoured to be asked by the Britomart store to be an Ambassador for the store and the brand.

What does this mean?

The ambassador opportunity is really a co-supportive and creative relationship. For me, it is the opportunity to bring global awareness to the unique aspects and diversity that Ashram Yoga has to offer within the Yoga world. Simultaneously, it is an opportunity to be a part of and support a brand that is dedicated to escalating people’s knowledge of and accessibility to Yoga and healthy living. Doing so in a super fun uplifted way!

From donating mats to our retreat space, to dropping in and sponsoring entire classes, the Lululemon presence is always encouraging and uplifting. I experienced the height of this on an evening when the founder of Lululemon was in Auckland and all the stores, staff and ambassadors were invited out to share a meal.  Having to arrive slightly later coming from teaching a class, the only seat left happened to be smack between Chip Wilson (the founder of the brand) and my Britomart store manager and friend Debs Mason. What luck! Every 20 minutes everyone had to shift one seat to their left so that throughout the evening they got to meet and interact with different people. The room was a buzz with conversation, interaction and connection. I left feeling hugely inspired, excited and honoured to be a part of this collective! I would even go so far as to say that it was one of the most inspirational evenings of my life.

The Ambassador role actively lasts for 2 years and is full of events, opportunities and classes. A photo shoot was organized, and I am now hanging ethereally in the Britomart store. Pop in to see it and grab yourself some great gear while you’re there.

Dee will be teaching a month of Wednesday night complimentary classes themed:

Deepening Your Experience of Yoga @ Britomart Lululemon

6:15 – 7:15pm through the month of September (pictured below)