Yoga Teacher Training

Becoming a Yoga Teacher

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Becoming a yoga teacher is a big step forward in your experience of yoga.


If you want to learn a topic – then teach it.


Being able to share yoga with friends, family and clients is rewarding in many ways. Whether you are interested primarily in your own personal development or becoming a yoga teacher, we have a range of courses in which you can achieve both.

All of our courses have been developed in response to the enthusiasm of our students wanting to learn, practice, live and teach the science of yoga. Please read through the information provided and we encourage you to talk to us or any of our graduates with further queries.


Our Courses



Why Teacher Training?

  • Personal growth, to teach family and friends, a change of career.
  • Learn an in-depth, integrated, holistic and progressive system of yoga ranging from beginning through to advanced levels.
  • Enjoy a highly practical and experiential orientation of training to help you become a confident and capable teacher and to develop a strong basis for ongoing personal practice, learning and development.
  • Benefit from a uniquely effective teaching system and style of presentation which springs from an authentic tradition of yoga combined with the several decades of personal experience, practice and learning of the instructors.
  • On-going support, training, mentorship, encouragement and involvement are available.
  • Yoga Alliance accreditation option giving access to teaching abroad with affiliation to an internationally recognised yoga organisation.


Yoga and Yoga Teaching

Yoga is a life-long journey of discovery and we believe that it is much more than a system of physical development. We teach in a holistic way which emcompasses the deeper, more subtle aspects of yoga. Whilst definitely emphasising the physical body, our system also specifically works with the breath, the life-energy and the mind in order to help bring about a balanced state of wellbeing, vitality and a deeper attunement with our true inner-selves.

Yoga is a very broad science. You learn a systematic approach to classical yoga enabling you to teach for the whole personality. From the vast range of practices learnt, you can creatively and intuitively structure classes and programmes for your students individual and general needs.

For those of you inspired to make a deeper study of yoga we are committed to providing a complete system of training which guides students in a progressive and systematic way to develop a strong personal yoga practice and to become confident and capable to teach from beginners to advanced. We offer several courses for this and you can study to the level you so desire, within your own commitments and needs.

There is no requirement to do all of our teacher training courses, especially if you are doing it more for personal development. However, if you are wanting yoga to be your profession, we advise that you do complete all of them over a 2 – 5 year period.


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How Our Teacher Training Courses Work

The courses train you to teach a complete system of yoga postures, breathing, relaxation and meditation.

Our yoga syllabus is taught in three levels:


Level 1: beginner to intermediate

Level 2: intermediate to advanced

Level 3: advanced


Each level takes you to a higher standard of proficiency. Level 1 is suitable for absolute beginners and starts with simple practices. By the end of Level 1 you will have built a firm foundation based on experience and understanding. This experience gives you the grounding to teach with confidence.

The Level 1 and 2 in particular are not just a weekend course per month, but rather six months of daily learning and growing. The workshop sessions, home practice and assignments are all part of this course and are all aspects of receiving your Teacher Training Certificate.

Each workshop session involves group dynamics and a specific group of postures; we also teach you pranayama, relaxation (yoga nidra) and meditation in a systematic way. Commitment to the weekend workshops and daily practice is essential. If for unavoidable reasons you are unable to attend one of the days, extra tuition is necessary for completion of the course and is not included in the course fee.


Please note: there are no exams in our teacher training courses. There are assignments that we mark and give you feedback, but no tests. There is no way to fail any of the teacher training courses!


Upskilling and Support

Extra yogic courses and workshops are conducted throughout the year providing ongoing training, inspiration and deeper knowledge within specific areas (e.g. back care, pranayama, chakras, meditation, etc.) Most workshops and retreats are discounted for Ashram Yoga trainees or teachers. There are also regular teacher forums to swap ideas, information and learn new ways and methods of teaching from one another, Ashram Yoga teachers or guest teachers.


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Teacher Training with Ashram Yoga

The beginnings of Ashram Yoga may be traced back to 1980 when Swami Shantimurti Saraswati came to New Zealand to teach yoga. Since these early days, we have worked ceaselessly for the development of yoga both within New Zealand and overseas.

Ashram Yoga’s unique teaching style is based on traditional yoga but also includes the senior instructors’ many years of experience of teaching yoga. We have developed a comprehensive, thorough and effective set of teachings. The range of practices we present are vast and taught from absolute beginners through to becoming an advance yoga instructor.

The range of practices we present are vast and taught from absolute beginners onwards. Teacher trainees are encouraged to incorporate their own experiences of yoga into the teachings. We also teach you how to apply yoga practices to any type of student, according to the level of the course you are studying.